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A Job that Fulfills A Traveler's Dreams

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What can be the ideal job to do? Of course, it’s up to everyone’s preferences. But have you thought of doing a job of traveling around the world and getting some fixed payments for it? Sounds really exciting right?

Trust me it sure is; I have been experiencing and living this dream for more than 7 years now, but mind you friends nothing comes easy. For each and every penny, you earn being in any of the industry or any of the job you have to put in efforts sometimes which you cannot even imagine.

Coming back to the job of traveling around the globe and being paid for it. There are multiple options for this type of job; in my case, this job is tour leading/tour managing/tour guiding call it anything but the responsibilities remain same.

Let’s abbreviate the designation in this blog as a CHAPERON. A Chaperon is the one who accompanies a group of people, take them around places, gives them information about that place and most importantly the person is always there with you on your tour to assist you, to guide, to help you just like one of your own.

It involves tons of challenges though. I must say it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Staying away from your family for an uncertain period of time is the biggest aspect of it. Not being present to some of the most important festivals or events especially like Summer Vacations, Diwali or Christmas-New Year; of course when it’s vacation time in India, it’s going to be peak season. Sometimes they even miss out on the beautiful moments of their lives and still they go on with their jobs happily.

Molding themselves into the culture, lifestyle and most importantly the time zones of different countries are fun as well as tiring at times. But looking at those happy faces at the end of the tour; all those compliments and having the feeling of doing your job right; fades all the fatigue. At least you are not sitting and looking at the same desktop for hours and doing the same routine. As I mentioned in my previous blog every day is a new adventure; even if you have been to a particular place multiple times, you never know what the next minute will have in store for you.

When I talk about being a Chaperon before you start building an image of this job in your mind like Shah Rukh Khan in Jab Harry Met Sejal; the lifestyle of a Chaperon is nowhere near to that (at least I did not get to live it that way yet). Roaming around countries in those luxurious cars, clubbing and partying in the city’s disco, renting those high-end plush apartments…. Nah! That’s impossible. I haven’t even seen anyone doing that while on our job in my knowledge. So what are the best things and what are the challenges involved in this job? Why can it be a dream for some and a nightmare for many!

The best part of this job is what everyone says ‘We pay to travel but you get paid to travel’. The truth is we don’t really get paid to travel but we get paid to make your travel happen. One of my tourists once told me ‘We Chaperons fulfill their dream by bringing them to the place they have been dreaming of visiting’. Now that is something really great to hear. I have been following one simple technique of enjoying this job- make your duty as completing the trip but keep your hobby as making that trip memorable for tourists and you will never be bored of this job.

Now let’s talk about the challenges involved in this job. It is not just about traveling to a place, it’s about having an in-depth knowledge of that place.

It is most important that you have the strength of keeping your calm when you are surrounded by multiple people of different thinking, different plans and different opinions. Bringing them all together, convincing everyone to do same thing when they have conflicts. Sometimes this job surprises you with your own abilities and patience. Being able to handle the situation which you cannot even imagine in your wildest dreams and know how to take the decision which is for everyone’s betterment. Many of them have been through so many different kinds of emergencies, different situations whether it is their personal crisis, tourist’s crisis or for that matter some medical, political or natural crisis.

And of course, taking those long-haul flights with sometimes lengthy stopovers en-route cannot be everyone’s favorite part of this whole procedure. Taking care of everyone's likes and dislikes and still be able to manage the tour program smoothly is definitely not a cakewalk.

As they say when in the tourism industry ‘Treat your tourist not the way you would like to be treated but the way they would like to be treated’.

Kudos to all the Chaperons who are fulfilling someone’s dream out there!!!

Cheers to their family members who have been supportive throughout!!!


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