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Up Above The Sky

A Childhood Dream

· Inspirations

As a child, looking at those flights in the sky made me wonder how do I reach there? What do I do to make sure that I am in the flight in the sky reaching some destination; exploring the world I am unknown to!

As life went ahead my career goals changed from becoming an Air Hostess (giving me an obvious opportunity to travel around the country as well as the world), fashion designer (never thought of the reason behind it though) and finally ending up to an Engineer (thinking that my profession would allow me to travel the world). However, going to college and hanging out with friends was so much fun that I totally started loving it and actually forgot to study and ended up with not so good score for Engineering studies.

Looking at other available options I chose to go for B. Sc. Mathematics degree. Not being much satisfied with my graduate studies parents pushed me for my travel and tourism course and Japanese language course. I never knew I would actually make a shine and bright career out of it. Completing my graduation along with my other additional courses was a real task.

Travelling throughout Mumbai, all the way from Andheri to Goregaon to Bandra to Borivali and then back to home in Andheri was a nightmare. When I was in sixth grade one of my teachers looking at my hand told me 'My destiny will be taking me to a lot of places for traveling'; and this time I would be so frustrated was it this destiny she was talking about. But I must say the destiny was yet to show its colors.

After completing my graduation I started with a job of Japanese Translator in a software company which made me realize I am not made for a desk job and four walls of the office cannot hold me back; after 6 months a life-changing opportunity knocked my door and my life was about to change.

Trying to share some of my knowledge and experience acquired through my traveling with you all. Still, it's a very very long way to go but this is just an attempt. Hope you all have fun!!!


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