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Things To Do In BERGEN In A Day

Gateway To The Fjords Of Norway

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After my visit to the beautiful city of Stockholm, I was in my flight to Norway which was to take me to Bergen! One of my dream destinations since I started reading about Scandinavia.

Arriving in Bergen, In Flight View

Getting Into Bergen

Bergen is a city located in Southwestern part of Norway in the municipality of Hordaland. Bergen city is surrounded by beautiful mountains, rivers, and fjords which includes the Sognefjord which is the deepest and the longest fjord in Norway. You can fly to Bergen airport or even take a cruise or train from Oslo.

This Sign Welcomes you At Bergen Airport

Going Around Bergen

Since the Bergen city center is compact, it is very easy to around on foot which is the best way and my favorite of going around the city center. For going to places nearby the city center, transportation services like Bus, Taxi, Water Bus are also available.

Staying In Bergen

Bergen offers multiple accommodations options like hostels, home stays, and hotels. Of course the nearer you stay to the wharf the higher the costing of the accommodation will be. The best hotel I thought was Augustin Hotel, which gives you a 24-hour beautiful view of the Bryggen and is 5 minutes walking distance from the market square. If you have an early morning train to catch, you can also stay right in front of the central station at Zander K Hotel. Like other Scandinavian countries, Scandic has got its plenty chains in this town, out of which Scandic Bergen City is my most favorite.

As you change the country from Sweden to Norway, the currency also changes from Swedish Kroner to Norwegian Kroner. Apart from the cash, all types of cards are also acceptable in the Bergen city. Currency exchange counter can be easily found in the city center.

Bergen experiences more rain in a year than any other Nordic city. The best time to travel to Bergen is the month of May and June to August also serve as a good choice to visit the city.

Bergen City Center, UNESCO Wharf

The Bergen city is most popular for its UNESCO World Heritage Colorful Wharf which is known as Bryggen. The moment you enter into the city center, you are welcomed with this site and the market square area right in front of it.

The Crooked Store, Bergen

These line of buildings also include a building which is a bit tilted on one side because of base getting softer which is now known as the crooked house.

All these buildings are now converted to various shops and cafes and you enjoy a cup of coffee and enjoy your shopping in this area. Most of the shops in this area sell woolen clothes, some fantastic jackets and of course the Norwegian souvenirs.

View of Bergen City from Floyen
View of Bergen City from Floyen

The city which looks so beautiful from the center of it looks even more beautiful when seen from the Floyen Mountain. This mountain gives a panoramic view of the city as well as provides hiking trails. To reach this mountaintop you can either climb up a trail or can get into a Funicular Ride which takes you there. The tram leaves from Floibannen in every 20 minutes time and takes you to the top within 15 minutes.

Trolls at Souvenir Shop

Once you reach on the top you are treated with a beautiful panoramic view of the city, a hiking trail and you also get to see a huge statue of the famous Troll of Norway. Trolls are the mythical creatures which are known to be giant demons which used to live in caves all the time and only come out after sunset since it was believed that they would be scared of light. It is also believed that Trolls were fond of human flesh and they would throw stones and villages for destroying it. Trolls looked very much like a human because of which when you see them you don't really find them that weird. Today these Trolls are only part of the children's stories and the icon of Norway.

Overall Bergen is a small city and best enjoyed near the wharf and I recommend you to relax and enjoy the city. Sip a cup of coffee and enjoy some street food in the market square. This is the best way you can make most of your time in the city. If you are still willing to go for some more sightseeing the city also houses a Bergenhus Fortress and various museums.


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