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It is Your Singapore

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Singapore is a country which you cannot even see on the map without using the magnifying glass. One of the wonders of the human development and disciplined country I have visited in all these years.

Singapore is an island country in the South East Asia; exactly below Malaysia. The name Singapore is translated as SINGA meaning LION and PORE meaning the Lion. Thus the country is referred to as Lion City. It does not mean that there are lions found here.

It is said that Sang Nila Utama saw a creature on this land which had the head of the Lion and body of the fish; and so named the creature as Merlion which later was recognized as an icon of the country Singapore.

The Republic of Singapore consists of people of different ethnicity at one place. You will meet a lot of Chinese, Tamilians (South Indians), Malays in the country forming a diverse culture throughout.

The capital of the country is the city itself i.e. Singapore city. Since the area is huge and there is only one city in the whole country. Because of land reclamation in the country; the total area keeps on increasing every year. The country is so small that you can travel from north to south in 45 minutes and from east to west in 1 hour. Singapore's territory also consists of 63 other islands.

A. Getting There:

Singapore Airport Terminal, The Tiny Island SINGAPORE.

Mumbai International Airport. The Tiny Island SINGAPORE. Image Source - Mitali's Travel Diary

1. Traveling to Singapore has been made easy by air from Mumbai or any other international airport in India. You will be landing at Changi International Airport in Singapore.

2. If you are in Malaysia, you can even travel to Singapore by road; you need to so all the formalities just like you would do it at the airport.

3. Before you travel to Singapore please make note of this:-

* Chewing gum is banned in Singapore and so is exporting the same into the country.

* Singapore is known as FINE CITY, meaning it is beautifully fine and it fines you for every wrong thing you do.

B. Visa

1. Singapore visa can be applied online. You need to furbish minimum documents which of course includes your passport which is valid for 6 months after your arrival date. Confirmed return air ticket, visa form duly filled and signed, photographs as per requirement, covering letter mentioning all the details about the traveler and his/ her travel (it should be signed with black pen only) and last 6 months bank statements duly signed by a bank official.

2. Indians generally get the visa in form of A4 size paper which is valid for 2 years and is multiple entry visas.

3. Immigration officer checks your immigration form, return air ticket and accommodation confirmation and off you go on your vacation.

C. Currency

Singapore Paper Currency, The Tiny Island SINGAPORE.

Singapore Currency. The Tiny Island SINGAPORE. Image Source - Google

1. Singapore Dollars is the official currency of Singapore. It is always mentioned as SGD. The paper currency starts with minimum 2 dollars and maximum till 10 dollars and lower denominations are in the form of coins

2. Whichever currency you carry; you can always exchange it for Singapore currency in the city center with good rates.

3. The paper currency is made of plastic material. It is said that keeping the 1 SGD coin in your purse will bring you good luck. So if you visit Singapore anytime; remember to keep that 1 SGD with you.

D. Weather

1. Singapore is a country which lies very much on the equator. Making the weather to be hot and humid throughout the year.

2. There is no particular season to travel to Singapore; since it is a year-round destination.

3. I personally loved Christmas and New Year time the best to travel to this destination because of all the wonderful decorations and lights throughout the city.

E. Food

1. You will find abundant options for your taste buds while in Singapore. As I mentioned previously; because of diverse culture, you also get to enjoy a variety of food.

2. Some of the local and most famous delicacies are Hainanese Chicken Rice, Laksa, Chilly Crab, Char Kway Teo, Gombao Chicken, Nasi Lemak, Kaya Toast.

3. If you have deep pockets and would really like to spend some money on your food with happening atmosphere Clarquay is the place you should visit.

F. Transportation

Singapore Transportation Map, The Tiny Island SINGAPORE.

Singapore Transport System. The Tiny Island SINGAPORE. Image Source - Google

1. Singapore is the country which offers you some of the easiest modes of transportation to get around the city. And that too with reasonably good prices.

2. The primary mode of transportation is the road. Even the islands of Sentosa and Jurong are connected by road. Singapore is well connected with a network of buses, taxis and another major transportation of MRT i.e. Mass Rapid Transit.

3. Some islands are even connected by ferryboats with regular timings.

G. Shopping

Bugis Street, The Tiny Island SINGAPORE.

Bugis Street. The Tiny Island SINGAPORE. Image Source - Google

1. Shopping in Singapore can be cheapest as well as the costliest depending upon the area you are shopping at.

2. If you are looking for fine quality but cheap products; you can visit Bugis Street, Lucky Plaza.

3. Indians who travel to Singapore are very much keen on visiting Mustaffa Center. It is nothing but a huge departmental arena which offers everything right from shoes till hairpin. This particular shop is open for 24 hours.

4. If you are planning to buy electronics in Singapore; Singling Tower is one of the most famous places for the same.

5. Do not forget to visit Orchard Street if you are over obsessive about branded shopping. It is a place which will offer more than your imagination.

H. Sightseeing

1. Singapore has plenty of places to visit. Anyhow the whole country can be seen and covered within a 5 days tour which is more than enough.

2. Read more about places to visit in Singapore Sightseeing.


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