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The Land Of Rising Sun


The Endless Discovery

· Asia

Japan has always been very much close to my heart because of obvious reason - my life has been connected with the Japanese language for past 10 years. This was not my first visit to Japan, but every time I travel to this country, it has something extraordinary to offer.

The politeness of locals, the technology they use, the discipline that they have molded themselves into is something I never really wanna let go of. Whether it be high techno toilets being used in the morning or it is bullet trains used in routine life to save ample amount of your time for longer journeys, everything about Japan is commendable.

The country is in Far East Asia and is stratovolcanic archipelago which includes more than 6,000 islands. The four main and largest islands are Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu, and Shikoku. It is further divided into 47 prefectures and 8 regions.

Japan is the English name known to the whole world, however, Japanese mention their own country as NIHON meaning the Sun's origin. This reference comes from the Imperial correspondence in accordance with the Chinese dynasty mentioning the country's eastern position as compared with China.

A. Getting There

1. Many airlines have daily flights to major international airports in Japan and if you are flying within Asia, most of them fly via Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong or Singapore.

2. There are plenty options to fly into Japan, the most popular and busy are Tokyo's Narita and Haneda Airport, Nagoya's Central Japan Airport and Osaka's Kansai Airport.

B. Visa

1. The visa procedure is not much tedious and after completing the required procedure, you can acquire the visa for Japan within 3 working days.

2. As per the new rules for Indian citizens, Japan consulate is also asking for your Bank Statements and IT Papers. For more information, you can click HERE.

C. Currency

Japanese Currency, Yen

1. The Japanese currency is again a very interesting topic, it doesn't make you the millionaire in a minute but at least you are richer compared to Indian Rupees, US Dollars or Euros. But it isn't a cheap country at all.

2. The currency is called as Japanese Yen and is abbreviated as JPY.

3. You can either carry JPY from your own country or you can exchange it at the hotel or other areas you are staying at.

4. Remember that unlike other countries, you do not get to see exchange counters in Japan, but a hotel or a market area is generally equipped with a currency exchange machine, where you just follow the instructions mentioned on the machine and get your exchange, whether it be paper currency or it be coins.

D. Weather

1. Japan has distinct four season and the beauty of every season is completely different than the other.

2. The best time to visit Japan is during March to May when it is Spring time when the weather is at its best and my most favorite season i.e. Cherry Blossom season is on during this time.

3. June to August is the summer time, since the mountain regions are not much hampered with this climate, you can still think of traveling during this time.

4. September to November is the Autumn time making it again a very good time to visit the country.

5. December to February is the winter time and is not really advisable to travel, since there is snow at lot of places and the temperature is too low.

E. Food

Japanese Food

1. Japanese food is the combination of traditional and regional food of Japan.

2. When you talk about Japan, you have to try the most famous dishes from Japan.

3. The sweet called as Agemanju is one of my most favorite, which contains a sweet red bean paste inside and is deep fried with a tinge of salt on the cover.

4. And if you are an ANYTERIAN (the person who eats anything edible), you are in the heaven of your food bucket list. Ch

F. Transportation

Bullet Train in Japan

1. Japan has fantastic local transportation network system. Whether it be buses or it be trains or it be taxis.

2. Even if you are changing cities, you need to be worried about wasting your time in traveling, all thanks to bullet trains.

3. Japan has various train options available like night trains (these have got sleeper coaches), local trains, express trains, super express trains.

4. Intercity local buses also provide good connections. For the taxis, local taxis can be found and be hired on the road with meters so that you are not fooled about the fare. UBER works only in Tokyo.

G. Shopping

Japanese Shop

1. The Japanese inventions are world famous and you get all those in major cities.

2. If you are in the capital city Tokyo, you can visit Akihabara which is the most famous spot for electronics. Apart from electronics, you get to see plenty souvenir shops, tea shops, and branded showrooms areas in various cities.

H. Accommodation

1. Japan's capsule hotels are very popular among solo travelers. Which offer a bed in a compact cabin with all other mandatory requirements.

2. Even if you are planning to stay in hotels, they have Japanese style rooms, where you can experience traditional Japanese style stay.

3. Even the hostels and dormitories are available in Japan if you are traveling on a budget and willing to save the money.

4. Tourists with heavy pockets also spend lots of money for star-rated hotels which offer many other amenities.

I. Cities Visited

1. Tokyo

2. Hakone

3. Kyoto

4. Nara

5. Osaka

6. Hiroshima

7. Miyajima Island


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