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The Best Way Spend A Day In


The Beautiful City On Water

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The Best Way To Spend A Day In STOCKHOLM

After my wonderful cruise from Helsinki, I arrived at my next destination which was Stockholm. The capital city of Sweden and one of my most favorite cities in Europe. Compared to Helsinki, I could see more number of people in this Nordic city.

The city is famous for being the beauty on the water since it includes 14 islands and 50 bridges on the Baltic Sea archipelago. The best part of the city is the building structures and the cobbled roads, the typical European identity.

Arriving at Stockholm by Silja Line Cruise from Helsinki

March to May are still the colder months to travel to Stockholm and I always felt the best time to visit Stockholm is from the beginning of May till beginning of September when it is summer in Stockholm and weather can actually hit up to 25 Degree Celcius which is not pleasant but you any which way cannot roam around the city in extreme cold as well.

The currency of Sweden is Swedish Kroner. And Euros are not acceptable at all places. So you either need to carry Swedish Kroner or keep either a Forex card or Debit / Credit card to swipe and pay.

There are multiple ways you can go around the city of Stockholm. Public transport system offers a lot of convenience to tourists. However, if you wish you can go on a bicycle around the city since just like any other European city even Stockholm offers a completely different track for Bicycles and motorbikes.

I arrived by Silja line cruise in the morning at 09:00 AM and had planned my whole day with various places to visit the city and evening being reserved for a peaceful time at the waterfront area of Stockholm.

Best Places To Visit In Stockholm

1. Vasa Ship Museum

Vasa Ship Museum, Stockholm
Vasa Ship Model in Vasa Museum at Stockholm
One of the intricate works on vasa ship at vasa museum at Stockholm

- The most visited museum in Stockholm, Vasa Ship Museum which houses the warship named Vasa which was sunk in Stockholm in 1628.

- The museum is of seven level where each level allows you to take a look at the ship closer and at different angles.

- Each level also gives an insight into various parts of the ship. The Vasa Ship Museum also has a mini theater where you can see the documentary about the ship.

- You can either choose to go on your own around the museum using the audioguide or hire a guide for a guided tour. These guided tours last for 1 hour and start every 30 minutes.

- The intricate work is done on the ship and the way it has been preserved is something worth visiting the museum.

Timing:- 08:30 AM to 06:00 PM

Visit Duration:- 1 Hour

Ticket Cost:- Adult SEK 130, Child Free Admission

2. Town Hall

The Blue Hall Used For Banquet in Town Hall, Stockholm
Golden Hall At Town Hall at Stockholm
Lake In Front of Town Hall, Stockholm
Inside Town Hall, Stockholm

- Townhall is one of Stockholm's major tourist attraction and most importantly is the municipal council for the city of Stockholm in Sweden.

- Another major event that takes place in the town hall is the Nobel Prize Banquet Dinner. Where a dinner is held on 10th December every year in the blue hall of the town hall of Stockholm.

- Although the place is named as Blue Hall it is actually without any blue decorations but has been named so honoring the original design of the architect.

- Above the blue hall lies the golden hall whose walls are made of 18000 golden mosaic tiles giving various messages.

- The side of the building which is near to the shore is designed with a 106 meters tower building which is crowned with three crowns and a national symbol of Sweden. Visitors can either take an elevator or climb up 365 steps to the top.

- A small garden between the hall and the lake is designed with various statues and flowers.

Timing:- 08:30 AM to 04:00 PM

Visit Duration:- 1 Hour

Ticket Cost:- Adult SEK 110, Child Free Admission

3. Royal Palace

Facade of the royal palace in stockholm
Security Guard on Duty in Royal Palace at Stockholm

- The Royal Palace of Stockholm is one of the biggest palaces in Europe which is the official residence of His Majesty The King Of Sweden.

- The reception rooms and five museums are open to the public. The palace is built in Italian Baroque Style.

- There are more than 600 rooms which are split into seven floors.

- Once you enter the palace you walk through various rooms and to take an exit you have to walk back the same way.

- Apart from the room, the castle also houses various marble statues and some beautiful ceilings.

Timing:- 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Visit Duration:- 1 Hour

Ticket Cost:- Adult SEK 160, Child SEK 80

4. Globen Sky View

Stockholm City View from the Globen Sky View Gondola
Globen Sky View Gondola, Stockholm
Golben Sky View from the Gondola, Stockholm

- The Globen Sky View is the largest spherical building in the world. And you can enjoy a glass gondola ride to the center of this building from the outside.

- There are two gondolas which depart every 10 minutes and the complete ride lasts for 30 minutes. One gondola can take up to 15 people at a time.

- The gondola takes you at the height of 130 meters where you can see the whole view of the Stockholm city.

- Before entering the gondola you pass through a mini theater where you get to see a presentation of 6 minutes about the building.

- The building has an ice hockey arena with approximately 13,000 seats inside.

Timing:- 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Visit Duration:- 30 Minutes

Ticket Cost:- Adult SEK 130, Child Free Admission


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