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The Beauty In The Middle Of The Mountains

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1. Please introduce yourself and the city you are going to tell us about.

Hi, My name is Corina a proud mum of twins, a wife and a Family Travel Blogger from Switzerland.
Today I would love to tell you about Sion, a city situated in the southwestern canton of Valais, in the heart of the Rhone Valley, in Switzerland. Surrounded by vineyards and mountains, and nestled below the castles of Valère and Tourbillon, Sion’s history dates back over 7000 years. A topography specific and unique, dotted with hills, some of which were occupied for observation points and defensive sites, you still can feel the medieval ambiance when visiting.

2. How are you connected to this place?

Sion is our central point for shopping, going out and having fun with the kids. We live just up the mountain a 20 min drive from Sion.

3. What is your most favorite thing about this destination?

Sion View - Sion Know Everything Direct From The Local

Sion View From A Hill - SION Know Everything From The Local. Image Source - Google

Sion has too many great things to list, which makes it difficult to just pick one specific thing. But as I am a family travel blogger and specializing in adventures and things to do with kids, I have to say the Tourbillon Castle is an absolute must when visiting Sion.

4. What is the best time to visit this place? Or also anytime that a tourist should avoid?

Sion can be visited any time of the year, but for sure autumn gives you just this little bit more excitement. The autumnal shades from the surrounding vineyards and the intense sunlight give the city an even more magical feel then it already has.

5. What are the best places to visit in this city?

Castle Tourbillon & It’s sister Basilic de Valère

6. What is it that tourists should keep in mind when traveling to your city?

The only thing I would say is before you visit have a look at the events calendar. Sion hosts many cultural and seasonal events throughout the year and there is maybe one you would love to be part of. As it is a tourist destination there is not really anything that would give you a bad experience I can think of.
Maybe one minor thing, Switzerland’s shops are not open 24h and none on Sundays. So this could maybe influence your timings if you need to do some shopping.

7. What is the most famous dish from your town and how does it exactly taste?

Raclette Local Food at Sion - Sion Know Everything Direct From Local

Raclette - Local Food at Sion - SION Know Everything From The Local. Image Source - Google

A melted cheese dish is eaten with potatoes and pickles, called Raclette! It is sacred in the Valais (Smile)

8. What is the easiest mode of transportation available in your town?

On foot, you can easily walk from a to b. Sion is a small city may be better called a town.

9. What is it that tourist should not leave without buying from the city?

I am not a great souvenir shopper, but if you do want to bring a specific thing from the area home it would be a bottle of Valais wine. The Valais has the best wines in Switzerland and it is difficult to buy them outside of the country.

10. Are there any particular words tourists should know which will make their time easier for them?

Sion is in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and despite the Swiss German part starting only 5 min drive up the valley, Sion is a very French-speaking city. So if you can master some French, it is highly appreciated.

Bonjour = Hello
Merci beaucoup = Thank you
Pourrait vous m’aider = could you help me
au revoir = Goodbye

11. Your own tips and advice to the readers.

View Over Sion - Sion Know Everything Direct From The Local

View Over Sion - SION Know Everything From The Local. Image Source - Google

Don’t rush your visit to Sion. Even the surrounding areas have so much to offer, from hiking, wine tasting, kids activities and much more plus the whole city tour. You may not want to stay within the city, as Sion lacks nice accommodation. Yet great accommodation providers are nearby, who also offer excellent service. Why not even stay up the mountains so you have 2 different types of stay in one visit.

Lovely insight given by Corina to the beautiful town of Sion in Switzerland. Thank you very much for introducing to this beauty.

If you want to know more about Corina and her blogs, you can reach her at Packed Again.


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