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Places to Visit in OSLO

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Places to Visit in OSLO

Table of Contents

  • Getting Into Oslo
  • Going Around Oslo
  • Staying In Oslo
  • Places To Visit In OSLO
  1. Oslo City Hall
  2. Vigeland Sculpture Park
  3. Holmenkollen Ski Museum and Tower
  4. Viking Ship Museum
  5. Opera House
  6. Oslo Royal Palace
  7. Karl Johnas Street

It was getting very difficult for me to wake in the morning in the cold weather of the Geilo. And also I stayed up late night admiring the beautiful views of the mountainous town of Geilo. The clouds were touching the roof of the houses, and it was a sight to keep in my heart forever. After having my delicious breakfast at Bardola Hotel (I have also stayed and enjoyed at Ustedalen Resort), I was all set for my 4-hour journey to Geilo to Oslo.

Today was the last time for me to enjoy those mountains and fjords around me. Once I am in the city of Oslo, I was going to be back to the European structured building and cosmopolitan area. The music in the background and beautiful views on the front is the best combination I could have had during my journey from Geilo to Oslo.

Oslo is a capital city of Norway situated on the Southern Coast of Norway and on the head of the Oslo fjord. It is the fourth populous Nordic country. Although I was expecting it to be the typical Europe style city, to my surprise, it wasn't. The city of Oslo has buildings of various styles.

Getting into Oslo

There is are various modes of transportation available for getting into the city of Oslo from various, and countries. If you are traveling from Bergen directly, you can get a train which can take you to Oslo. Oslo also has an international airport, so you can also travel first to Oslo in Norway. The city of Oslo is also accessible by the cruise from Copenhagen overnight.

Going Around In Oslo

Oslo offers very convenient ways of traveling in the city. And also the main attractions and quite close to each other making an option of walking or biking available for tourists. The best part of it is that all transportation system including buses, trams, subways, trains, and ferries (except Bygdoy Ferry) belong to the same system of Ruter transportation. You can buy your Oslo pass and access all of this options for going from one place to the other.

Staying in Oslo

The city of Oslo has got a vast area and it depends totally on your budget how and where are you willing to stay in the city. On an obvious note, the hotels in the center are costlier than the ones in the outskirts.

Places to Visit in OSLO

1. Oslo City Hall

Places to Visit in Oslo - City Hall Entrance
Places to Visit in Oslo - City Hall from Inside

- Oslo's city hall is one of the most beautiful city halls I have ever visited in my travels and it is must do when you talk about places to visit in Oslo.

- The city hall of Oslo houses the city council, administration, and other municipal offices. The city hall of Oslo is also the venue for the distribution of Nobel Peace Prize Winners.

-The city hall of Oslo was built in 1931 and named as Oslo Raadhus in the Norwegian language.

- Once you enter the city hall you see a wall with a huge painting which depicts the history of Oslo.

- Various rooms inside the hall are painted portraying different stories and are definitely worth visiting and taking time to adore it.

- After visiting the main hall on the ground level you can take approximately 30 steps to go up and visit different rooms.

- You will also find a room with souvenirs gifted by various countries and you also get to see the government official's sessions room.

Timing:- 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM

Visit Duration:- 1 Hour

Ticket Cost:-Free

2. Vigeland Sculpture Park

Places to Visit in Oslo - Frogner Park Overview
Places to Visit in Oslo - Human Sculpture Obelisk
Places to Visit in Oslo - Frogner Park

- You cannot and you should not even think of leaving Oslo without visiting this sculpture park.

- Vigeland Sculpture Park also known as the Frogner Park is situated in the borough of Frogner in Oslo.

- The park contains multiple human sculptures in various positions and forms showing the cycles of life, human relationships.

- All these sculptures are designed and created by Gustav Vigeland and installed in this park between 1924 to 1943.

- The park is open air and you need an ample amount of time if you are going to observe and click photos with every sculpture.

- Park has two entrances, the front, and the rear. You can enter from either side and you have to cover a path of around 500 meters which takes you through awestriking sculptures.

Timing:- 24 Hours

Visit Duration:- Depends on your interest. Minimum 1 Hour

Ticket Cost:- Free Entrance

3. Holmenkollen Ski Museum and Tower

Places to Visit in Oslo - Holmenkollen Ski Jump in Winter
Places to Visit in Oslo - Front View of Holmenkollen Ski Jump
Places to Visit in Oslo - Holmenkollen Ski Jump in Summer

- Holmenkollen is a ski jump area located on a hill named as Holmenkollen. It is worth a visit if you have the good time in hand and bit closer to Vigeland Sculpture Park.

- The reason this ski jump is added to the list of places to visit in Oslo is that it is the highest artificial ski jump in the world and has been a place for winter Olympics in 1952.

- The tower also houses a Ski Museum which takes you through the history of skiing. There is a new activity of Zip Liner started at this tower where you can Zip Line from the tower.

- There is also an activity of Ski Simulator which I experienced and did not find that exciting.

- The observatory deck on the top of the tower gives you amazing views of the city of Oslo.

Timing:-10:00 AM to 04:00 PM

Visit Duration:- 1 Hour

Ticket Cost:- Adult 140 NOK, Child 70 NOK

4. Viking Ship Museum

Places to Visit In Oslo - Viking Museum

- Norway holds a great history of Vikings and so it is of no wonder that we get to see a museum which is specifically made for the fallen ships and in fact of them is the excavated from the burial.

- Osberg Ship is most famous of all for still being in its complete shape and size. Apart from this the museum also houses horse cart, wood carving, tent components.

- The museum also has an ongoing short movie about the history of sailing of Vikings. You can watch it standing on the sides of the museum.

- Your vehicle drops you in the parking and you need to buy the ticket before entering the museum. You are not allowed to carry big bags inside the museum.

Timing:- 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Visit Duration:- 1 Hour

Ticket Cost:- Adult 400 NOK, Child Free Entrance

5. Opera House

Places to Visit in Oslo - Opera House

- A very unique and a must see building in Oslo. This Opera House is the home for Norwegian National Opera and Ballet and National Opera Theater of Norway.

- The Opera House is situated at the head of the Oslofjord. It includes three halls which can occupy 1364, 200 and 400 people at a time.

- The most attractive part of the building is the structure of the building. It is made up of white marble of Carara from Italy.

- The roof of the building is built in the form of a platform where you can walk, sit and watch the sunset and even a performance which happens during certain events on the other side.

Timing:- 24 Hours for Lobby

Visit Duration:- 30 Minutes

Ticket Cost:- Free Entrance till lobby

6. Oslo Royal Palace

- Oslo's Royal Palace does not look as lavish and as huge as other Royal Palaces in Europe but it definitely is worth a visit if you have time.

- The only thing you need to take care of is that you have to book the appointment for the guided tour in advance. The remaining tickets other than the ones sold outside are kept for sale at the counter. If you want a private tour you can book by calling at (+47) 815 33 321.

- The palace is open to tourists only during summer and the guided tour takes you through various rooms of the palace.

Timing:- Monday - Thursday: 11:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Friday: 12:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Saturday - Sunday: 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Visit Duration:- 1 Hour

Ticket Cost:- Adult 135 NOK, Child 105 NOK

7. Karl Johnas Street

Places to Visit in Oslo - Karl Johnas Street

- This is my most favorite areas in Oslo. The Karl Johnas Street is one of the liveliest places I have seen in Oslo. The street is straight in front of the Oslo Royal Palace.

- The street is surrounded by plenty of shops, cafes, restaurants, fountain garden. You will also get to see the Oslo Parliament Office and the Grand Hotel (The hotel where Nobel Peace Prize Winners stay when in Oslo) at this street.

- The waterfront area as well is very much close to this street. If you start walking straight from the Royal Palace you pass through all the mentioned places and at the other end of the street, you reach the Oslo Central station.


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