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My Liebster Award Nominations

A Push For New Bloggers

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How wonderful it is to receive a nomination for Liebster Award. An online award which is given to new bloggers and I cannot thank them enough for recognizing new bloggers in the industry.

My huge thanks to Tasha from Tasha's Oyster for nominating me. Tasha is a teacher from England who loves photography and is a foodie. Traveling is her passion and she loves exploring new places. Her blog is just 2 years old and she has done a great job with it.

About Mitali's Travel Diary

After going around the world since 2011, I decided to note down my experiences and also to be a guide for those who are willing to roam around the world. And I started with my own blog of Mitali's Travel Diary. I try to make as detailed guide as possible for my readers so they know much more about the city they are heading to. Apart from the destination guide, my blog is also about the adventures I have done while traveling, my various travel tales which I love to share with all.

Some Interesting Facts About Me

  • I am a foodie, I eat a lot, literally a LOT!!!
  • I am addicted to nature. Whether it be mountains, rivers, beaches or just a garden with some flowers and birds, I will be the happiest.
  • I can speak 6 different languages.
  • I am a professional Japanese Translator and Interpreter
  • I am a die hard chocolate lover. Any form of chocolate, you can bring me to itself.

Tasha's Questions

1. Breaking news, all travel between countries are going to be banned but everyone is allowed one last trip. Where will you go and why?​

- Without a doubt I would choose Iceland, it has been my dream destination and bucket list place for ages. I literally dream of bathing in the blue lagoon. I feel those waterfalls, mountains; they are calling me to them.

2. In what ways do you reduce your plastic usage whilst traveling?

- I carry a backpack which keeps all my essentials while traveling. I also keep my backpack's rain cover with me to keep it safe from rains which do not make me use plastic. About the water bottle, I carry my own bottle and try to refill it maximum from portable water dispensers rather than buying bottles from the store.

3. If you could see any animal in the wild, what would it be?

- I always wanted to see Panda, since I have never yet seen one.

4. Which do you prefer: the mountains or the city?

- Mountains forever. As I mentioned in my intro, I am addicted to nature. Also because I live in the city surrounded by only buildings, always fascinated by mountains.

5. If you could choose one cuisine to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

- Being an Indian, I am used to eating food mixed with a lot of spices. But when I visit Thailand and ate food over there I was instantly in love with it. I can eat Thai cuisine forever, the best part I love is that they keep it spicy with very fewer ingredients and still has an awesome taste. My favorite one being the Kapao Kay Khaydao.

6. What is the most adventurous activity you have ever done abroad?

- Bungy Jumping at Queenstown, New Zealand. The best and the most adventurous I got till that day. It was scary, thrilling, amazing at the same time. Once in a lifetime experience.

7. What books have inspired you to travel?

- The Alchemist. I read this book back when I was in school. But I was so inspired by the Spanish boy who traveled to Egypt to follow his dreams and just went with the flow. The inspirational quotes in this book always cherish me.

8. Which ‘Friends’ character are you most similar to and why?

- Although 'Friends' is such a popular TV series, I have never watched. So I am sorry!!!

9. Some people travel for history, some travel for hiking, beaches, food, wildlife or luxury. What do you travel for and why?

- Now that is a very tricky question for me since I travel for all of it. The only thing I am looking while traveling is the peace of mind. Sometimes when I am exhausted with my work life, wildlife, hiking, beaches, and food soothes me. When I am in a mood of splurging, luxury is not bad at all - after all who doesn't wanna stay in branded resorts and enjoy a drink by the pool while the waiter brings your favorite dish on your table.

10. What is the most spectacular view you have ever seen?

- The starry night by Lake Tekapo. I always mention this and I will remember and cherish this forever and ever. Tekapo is a small town and a lake is situated in the town. The only activity is to go by the lake at night, lie on the ground and watch the sky. A sky full of stars.

11. What’s your favorite social media platform to promote your blog on and why?

- Facebook and Whatsapp. I cannot choose one, because Facebook takes me to people around the globe and Whatsapp takes me even to those people who are not familiar with Facebook.

My Nominees

1. Lavdi Zymberi from Kosovo Girls Travels has been an inspiring traveler from Kosovo.

2. A Former Television Screenwriter and now an Italian Journalist turned, Frederica Provolenti from A Stroll Around The World.

3. The love story started from a wine room taste is now a successful relationship with a blog at We At The Sea Michelle and Matt .

4. A computer engineer who left the routine life and traveled to South America for her writing passion Priyanka Gupta from On My Canvas.

5. Daisy Li from Beyond My Border who has lived her life out of a suitcase for years now.

My Questions

1. If you are a character from Harry Potter series, who would you be and why would you choose him or her and what would you like to for this World with your magic wand?

2. What is the best and worst travel advice you have received so far?

3. What is your worst travel experience?

4. If you were to start a travel show, which will be your first destination to be featured?

5. Which celebrity would you like to travel with and to which destination?

6. What kind of experiences do you like? Adventure, nature, beach, wild etc?

7. If you were to fly in the first class of any airline in this world, which airline would you choose and what route will you fly?

8. You are left on an Island and given a chance to choose from - "Spend time with your soulmate", "Party with your friends", "Work on your blog". What will you choose?

9. What do you do to help the environment while you travel?

10. Have you ever volunteering service while your travel? If yes, what was it?

11. Considering the movies shot at various locations which are related to travel if given a chance, which movie would you love to be part of

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