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Getting Around Bali on Local Transport

In and Around BALI

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Small roads in Bali can make traffic move at snail's pace and that can really affect your travel plans. So make sure to check the traffic situation before you start going anywhere. Ancient structures are even seen at the toll booths. It is really fascinating to see the way they have maintained there structures.

Regardless of the traffic situation, it's never really a trouble going around on the tiny island. The best part is there are plenty of options available for getting around Bali on local transport. The statues and ancient gates will surely make you stop and click a photograph.

Entrance To Bali's City Center. Getting Around Bali On Local Transport. Image Source :- Mitali's Travel Diary

Getting Around Bali On Local Transport

1. Bemo

Bemo, Transportation in Bali

Bemos in Bali. Getting Around Bali On Local Transport. Image Source :- Google

Bemos are sort of small buses or you can call it vans. It has two rows of low seating which can carry around 12 people at a time in a very cramped manner. It was once a popular and major transportation of Bali, but as the progress went ahead it was replaced by other transportation methods. The minimum fare is about 50,000 IDR and can be different for a different location.

2. Dokar

Dokar, Transportation in Bali

Dokar. Getting Around Bali On Local Transport. Image Source :- Google

Dokar is nothing but a ride of a small pony. Various cities have such kind of uncommon method of transportation of course not for too long distances. It's quite expensive touristic ride and the way ponies are treated you wouldn't really wish to go for it.

3. Ojek

Just like Thailand, even Bali has motor taxis. Being the most convenient way of getting around the city if you are a solo traveler. But the hot and humid weather of the town can really make is frustrating for longer routes. No fixed fare, knowing the approximate amount of your destination shall save you from paying anything extra.

4. Meter Taxi

Metered taxis are very much common in the whole town. Blue Bird company is the most popular taxi company. It also has an app just like Uber/OLA in India, making it more easy for the taxi to actually come in front of you for your pick up.

5. Rented Vehicles

Many of the solo travelers opt for the options of renting motorcycle, bicycles or even some other vehicles. You need to have purchased your travel insurance premium and possessing international driving license is a must. Police can be a bit more strict with tourist riding vehicles in Bali. So be careful. And when you are on a vacation, isn't it just the best to let someone else drive for you and you enjoy the ride in the back seat.


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