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Explore COPENHAGEN in 24 Hours

Wonderful waterfront area, colonial buildings, very exciting charm, that was the first impression I had when I visited Copenhagen for the very first time. The capital city of Denmark has much more to offer to you than you can imagine and you can also explore Copenhagen in 24 hours covering maximum places possible.

Explore Copenhagen in 24 Hours - Copenhagen On Map

Copenhagen is a cosmopolitan city situated on the coastal island of Zealand and Amager which provides a very good connectivity for surrounding area especially Sweden and Norway. Copenhagen is the Capital and the most populous city of Denmark. Copenhagen was a Viking fishing village, but now when you look at the city it is almost impossible to believe the way it has been developed.

The city is also famous for being the land of the Carlsberg beer. It has a brewery in Copenhagen, and also offers various tours in the brewery as per your interest.

Getting Into Copenhagen

I came to Copenhagen by DFDS cruise from Oslo which was a relaxing and an enjoyable cruise. You can of course fly from various destinations to the International Airport of Copenhagen. With Denmark you can access the city by train and other road transportation.

Going Around Copenhagen

Explore Copenhagen in 24 Hours - Bicycles In Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the most famous city in Scandinavia for its bicycles. So the best mode of transportation to go around is the bicycle. Another efficient way is to buy the Copenhagen Pass which is available online or at the airport or at the travel desk of your hotel as well. This card allows you to travel by bus, tram, water taxi. This pass also includes 86 attractions including Tivoli Gardens, Christianborg Palace, Rosenberg Palace, Canal Tour which are the main attractions when you explore Copenhagen in 24 hours.

If you are visiting Copenhagen with your family and are willing to arrange a guided tour, you can contact Lisbet Anderson.

Staying In Copenhagen

For me, I always feel that Vestrebro is the best area to stay in Copenhagen. It is kind of a hub for hotels in Copenhagen. Nearest to Tivoli Gardens which I strongly recommend to be visited during night and is also lively with pubs, bars and discos. However, if you want to see the countryside of the Copenhagen city, you can stay in the area of Roskilde. But this is almost an hour from the city center.

Explore Copenhagen In 24 Hours

1. Admire The Little Mermaid

Explore Copenhagen in 24 Hours - The Little Mermaid

- When you think of Copenhagen the first thing we think of is the Little Mermaid. Each and every tourist, especially the ones with travel groups go to Little Mermaid before going anywhere else after getting off the cruise.

- All of us are already aware of the fairytale story of Hand Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid. This statue has been built based on this story.

- This particular sight in Copenhagen has gained a lot of popularity, but when we go on visiting it, you see a lot of people surrounding it and the bronze statue is only 1.25 meters tall weighing 175 kilograms.

- The statue has been vandalized many times by few crazy tourists and has also been displayed in various museums and exhibitions throughout the world.

Timing:-24 Hours

Visit Duration:- 15 Minutes

Ticket Cost:-Free

2. Photograph Yourself At Gefion Fountain

Explore Copenhagen in 24 Hours - Gefion Fountain

- After visiting The Little Mermaid, I proceeded to visit The Gefion Fountain, this fountain is situated on the harbor front.

- The fountain was gifted by Carlsberg on the occasion of 50th anniversary of its brewery.

- The Gefion Fountain depicts the story of Zealand, the coastal area on which the city of Copenhagen is situated at.

- There is also a church nearby the fountain if you are willing to simply visit and see from the inside.

Timing:- 24 Hours

Visit Duration:- 15 Minutes

Ticket Cost:-Free

3. Photostop at Amalienborg Palace

Explore Copenhagen in 24 Hours - Amalienborg Palace

- When I talk about Amalienborg Palace, I am only talking about visiting it from the outside and the surrounding area.

- The palace is built in Octagonal shape which was actually built for 4 noble families. When the Christianborg Palace was burned down, royal families decided to move in and this palace was built.

- After you get down at the parking, you can walk from the waterfront side, where you also get to see the Opera House of Copenhagen.

- At the end of the Amalienborg Palace Square, you can see the cathedral which looks very much like the St. Peters Basilica from outside.

Timing:- 24 Hours

Visit Duration:-30 Minutes

Ticket Cost:-Free

4. Visit Christianborg Palace

Explore Copenhagen in 24 Hours - Tapestries in Christianborg Palace
Explore Copenhagen in 24 Hours - Inside Christianborg Palace

- After Versailles Palace in Europe portion, this is my most favorite palace. And if we talk about only Scandinavia portion, this one is my most favorite palace.

- Just like any other palace it has some unique and intricate work done with its walls, floors and also ceilings.

- Various rooms take you through from the arts. I loved the fact that, two huge rooms are dedicated only to the books from the old times. Of course, these are not accessible for tourists to read.

- The reason for me to love this palace so much is the 12 tapestries inside the palace. You have to see it to believe it. I had seen many tapestries before, but these were totally out of this world.

Timing:- 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Visit Duration:- 1 Hour

Ticket Cost:- Adult 150 DKK, Child Free

5. Go For Canal Cruise Ride

- Another mode of transportation to use and feel the city of Copenhagen is by going for a Canal Cruise Ride.

- Many Copenhagers opt for this tour to see the city from a different perspective.

- All the above-mentioned attractions are also covered with this tour. My suggestion is to take this cruise and visit this places and end it at Nyhavn Area.

Timing:- 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM (Timings can change depending on the season)

Visit Duration:- Depending on the tour you select

Ticket Cost:- Adult 85 DKK, Child 43 DKK

6. Have A Coffee At Nyhavn Area

Nyhavn Area - Explore Copenhagen in 24 Hours

- The fairy tale area of the waterfront and the colored houses on the banks you get to see when we talk about Copenhagen is the Nyhavn area.

- It is also famous as the entertainment district of the Copenhagen city. A perfect place to spend your time after lunch to relax and get a drink with smooth breezes around.

7. Shop Till You Drop At Stroget

Shopping at Stroget - Explore Copenhagen in 24 Hours

- I cannot really think of shopping in other Scandinavian countries because of the costs. But Stroget is one of the areas in Copenhagen, which allows you to shop whether it be branded shopping or street side shopping.

- Stroget area starts from, city hall square and end at Kongens Nytorv square. The street houses branded shops like Prada, Gucci, H & M.

- Street shopping is also available for all kinda things such as clothes, accessories, and purses etc.

8. Take A Tram Ride In Old Town

- A cute little old town of Copenhagen which is hidden inside the huge architectural buildings.

- The tram ride takes you through the old town, showcasing the small lanes, old University, metro station.

- The guide gives information in Danish and English language.

Timing:- 10:00 AM to 04:30 PM

Visit Duration:- Depending on the tour you select

Ticket Cost:- Adult 70 DKK

9. Spend Your Evening and Night at Tivoli Gardens

- The reason I am talking about visiting Tivoli Garden at night to enjoy the spectacular lighting arrangements at Tivoli Gardens.

- Tivoli garden is the World's first amusement park which is also famous for the wooden roller coaster. It is also said that Walt Disney was inspired by Tivoli Gardens and went on with the idea of Disneyland.

- The park offers various rides for kids as well as for adults. Even the restaurants and cafeteria inside the park are built based on the theme of a particular section.

Timing:- 11:00 AM to 00:00 AM

Visit Duration:- Depending on your interest

Ticket Cost:-Check Here


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