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Experience The Breathtaking Activity of Bungy Jumping at


Fears are Temporary!!!

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Experience The Breathtaking Activity Of Bungy Jumping at QUEENSTOWN

The blog about Bungy Jumping wasn't really going to come up so early, but my nostalgic phase couldn't help and I finally decided to write about the best experience I have had in my life till today.

As they say, if you haven't been to the bungy point; you haven't been to Queenstown. And I could not even dream of leaving Queenstown without this experience. It is the world's first commercially operated bungy jumping site at Kawarau River. The point is located in the beautiful scenic spot. I was super excited to jump off the cliff and know my own capabilities. The moment when I was tied with all the safety ropes; everything felt just awesome.

Posing at Kawarau Bridge

I was third in the queue and the girl before me couldn't jump out of fear and the staff asked me to come before her so she could be motivated. As I came forward and stood on the edge and looked down and around me; I asked myself again. Do I really want to do it? And why am I even thinking of doing it? I was having all type of thoughts... what if my rope breaks and I go on flowing with the river? Where would I end up stopping? Will I even survive the cold water of the river?

But the next moment I realized the beautiful Kawarau river and the surrounding mountains were calling me. After waving at the cameras in all directions for the best photographs I was all set.

Ready to Jump

I was been instructed by the staff to jump as if I am jumping into the swimming pool; hands widespread and leaning forward which gives you the best experience.

And then... Woooaahhhh!!! There I JUMPED... For the first second, I had no feelings at all. The next second I realized I was actually sort of flying. Swinging front and back and shouting at the top of my voice; enjoying the moment, living the moment. Everything felt fantastic. It was an experience of a lifetime.

I Jumped

After shouting and swinging continuously for around 10 seconds, I started slowing down and my rope was slowly lowering. The staff in the river extended the white rod towards to hold it so they could pull me further down. I was actually worried about my knees being strained because of the rope tied to my legs. But I didn't feel the hitch; not even for a second.

As I was pulled down on the boat; I was again waving at the cameras. Staff took me to the shore and there I was sitting on the shore for a moment. Feeling the cold air going past my face, having the feeling of being content with my life, content with my visit to Queenstown and most importantly ticking off one of my bucket list items.

The most important thing that I realized after this; fears are going to be temporary but the regret of not overcoming those fears will remain permanently.

So let go of anything that is holding you back and JUMP...


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