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1. Please introduce yourself and the city you are going to tell us about

I am Daisy, a solo backpacker that travels the world budget style. I’ve slept in teepees, bungalows, beach houses, and cave rooms, hosted by lawyers, professors, hippies, bikers and many more. But aside from all my strange ventures in the past couple of years, one of my favorite cities remain my birth place-Xi’an, China.

2. How are you connected to this place?

I spent my formative years between China and Canada. While I was born in Xi’an, I only spent 5 years or so living in the city. But I do come back every couple of years since my extended family lives here!

3. What is your most favorite thing about this destination?

Everyone knows about the terracotta warriors, which is just an hour away. However, one of my favorite places remains in the city- the Forts of Xi’an. As one of the largest and best-preserved walls, the Fortifications of Xi’an an in the 14th century. Incorporating pieces from the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang of the Ming Dynasty completed the structure over an 8-year period for defensive purposes. As the old capital of China, Xi’an is full of history, culture, and charm!

4. What is the best time to visit this place? Or also anytime that a tourist should avoid?

Winter gets kind of cold and slushy and summer can be incredibly hot. So I’d advise everyone to visit during spring or fall!

5. What are the best places to visit in this city?

Terracotta Warriors - Direct From The Local - Xian

Terracotta Warriors at Xian - Direct From The Local XIAN. Image Source - Mitali's Travel Diary

The terracotta warriors

Xi’an Forts

HuaQing Palace

The Bell Tower

Giant Wild Goose Pagoda

6. What is it that tourists should keep in mind when traveling to your city?

Traveling in China is an exciting experience (as told by my friends), normal precautions should be taken as traveling in most countries, though in China, foreigners are seen as celebrities! Have fun with it, maybe lay low on talks about politics and Mao, but enjoy yourself as there aren’t strange regulations that come to mind!

7. What is the most famous dish from your town and how does it exactly taste?

Roujiamo Meat Sandwich - Direct From The Local

Roujiamo Meat Sandwich - Direct From The Local XIAN. Image Source - One Green Planet

Xi’an is full of delicious delicacies. If I have to choose, then I’d go with Roujiamo- meat sandwich. The meat is stewed for hours amongst dozens of spices and seasonings before being stuffed in-between flatbread. It is flavorful, juicy, and an absolute delight.

8. What is the easiest mode of transportation available in your town?

As one of the biggest cities in China, Xi’an’s transportation has evolved greatly over the past few years. In addition to lines of buses, the metro has become a common transport device. But that’s not all-taxis and Didi (Chinese Uber), are all a finger tap away.

9. What is it that tourist should not leave without buying from the city?

This might be a bit of a cliché, but since Xi’an is home to the Terracotta Warriors, many tourists don’t leave without purchasing a tiny factory-produced replica. Of course, the historical and sociocultural significance combining China’s myths and legend really render the Terracotta Warriors to a site unlike any other.

10. Are there any particular words tourists should know which will make their time easier for them? Please provide it with meaning.

你好 NiHao (Hi)

洗手间在哪里?xǐshǒujiān zài nǎlǐ? (Where’s the bathroom?)

谢谢Xièxiè (Thank you)

再见zàijiàn (Bye)

As with any other countries, I think the 4 phrases above are the most important when traveling!

11. Your own tips and advice to the readers.

China is really not as dangerous as people assume it to be. It has an amazing culture, history, a bunch of really friendly people, and adequate English skills in the majority of big cities. Have fun and enjoy your stay!

Now those were some lovely answers by Daisy, and thank you very much for providing valuable information to the readers.

If you want to more about Daisy and read her blogs, you can reach her at Beyond My Border.

Also, you can follow her journey at Facebook and Instagram.


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