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All Places You Need To Visit While You Are In


A Feeling of Being in Heaven

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All Places You Need To Visit While You Are In POKHARA

After visiting Chitwan, I was all set to visit Pokhara. The place which is known for its abundant natural beauty. And the beauty is dominated by the lake called as Phewa Lake and rivers flowing around the town; mainly Seti river which is as white as milk.

The Annapurna Mountain Ranges of the Himalayas in the surrounding adds to the beauty just like a cherry on the cake. Pokhara is also called the Piece of Heaven for its outstanding beauty. Apart from Kathmandu Valley; the Pokhara valley is a must visit when you are in Nepal. It is loved by tourist from all countries and is also a good place if you are willing to experience Nepalese nightlife.

Pokhara is the second largest city in Nepal and also the base of the many hiking trails which are crowned by majestic Himalayan mountains.

On the Way to Pokhara

Getting There:

You can reach Pokhara either by road from Kathmandu or by air. If you are coming by road from Kathmandu; it will take 6 to 7 hours and by air will get you to Pokhara in merely 25 minutes. I traveled from Chitwan to Nepal by road which took me 7 hours to reach my hotel in Pokhara.

There is yet another way to reach Pokhara; if you are traveling to Nepal by road. After entering from the border of Sunauli; it is 6 hours drive to reach Pokhara.


Unlike Chitwan; Nepal government haven't imposed any such regulations over the transportation. So you can either use your own vehicle or you can opt for the public transport like bus, taxi rented motorcycles or bicycles. Tourists with strict timing and deep pockets also opt for helicopter transportation to hop on between sights.

My schedule was to stay in Pokhara for 2 nights and was filled with maximum activities I can cramp up in those 2 nights 3 days itinerary.

Best Places to Visit in Pokhara

1. Phewa Lake Boating and Barahi Temple

Phewa Lake, Pokhara
Barahi Island in Phewa Lake, Pokhara
Phewa Lake, Pokhara

- This boat ride actually worked as a peace therapy for me. A boat consisting of 4 people takes you on a ride to the Barahi Temple located on the Barahi island in Phewa Lake which is the second biggest lake in Nepal.

- It is mandatory for you to wear the life jacket once you board the boat and be seated to maintain the balance till the time you reach your point to get off from the boat.

- The serene mountains surrounding the lake brings calmness to you. The only thing I wanted to do was sit back and enjoy the views I have in front of me and settle with my inner peace.

- You will be surprised to see even local ladies rowing these boats for you. They drop you at the temple and ask you to return in 15 to 20 minutes to the same boat.

- Barahi temple is a two-storied pagoda dedicated to the Goddess Durga. And the island itself provides an amazing view.

- Apart from boating and visiting the temple in Phewa Lake; tourists are also attracted towards other water sports especially Kayaking in the lake.

2. Sarangkot Sunrise Point

Sarangkot Sunrise Point, Pokhara
Sarangkot Sunrise Point, Pokhara
Sarangkot Sunrise Point, Pokhara
Sarangkot Sunrise Point, Pokhara

- Looking at the sunrise might not be a big deal for many of you but visiting this sunrise point in Pokhara and admiring the beauty of nature is something you should not miss.

- You will have to leave your hotel as early as 4.30 AM to make sure that your vehicle can you drop you in the parking. Otherwise, you will be left with no option but to stop at the place where traffic is stopped and walk upwards. Since it is a very famous tourists spot you will see many of them visiting at the same time.

- Even after the vehicle drop you at the parking; you need to climb few steps to go up on the hill.

- You can either choose to pay NPR 100 per person and take a seat along with a sip of coffee and wait for the magical moment when Sun starts taking its head out.

- Or you can also just wait on the hill's open side which is not chargeable and complimentary for all tourists.

- The area is surrounded by mighty Annapurna Ranges and the point gives a wonderful early morning view of the city as well as the mountain ranges.

- Sunrise time can vary season to season. For me, it was 6:21 AM for which I reached the place at 5:30 AM.

- And as Sun starts coming up the mountains; you will see golden rays showering upon the highest peak of Annapurna ranges; leaving you awestruck with the view.

- All of a sudden snow white mountains look like have been painted with the golden brush.

3. Bindyabasini Temple

Bindyabasini Temple, Pokhara
Bindyabasini Temple, Pokhara

- The temple is said to be connected to the Bindyabasini temple in Bindyachal, Uttar Pradesh, India.

- The complex is situated on the hill and surrounding area offers a lot of shopping as well. Once you get off your vehicle you need to climb at least 50 steps to reach the main temple.

- The complex consists of temples of other deities like Lord Shiva, Lord Ram.

4. Devi's Falls

Devi's Falls, Pokhara

- Devi's Falls or also abbreviated as Davis Falls is located in Kaski district of Pokhara. It is called as Patale Chango in Nepali meaning "Underworld Waterfall".

- The water of the falls forms a tunnel once it reaches the bottom. In 1961, a Swiss couple named Davis went swimming at the falls and the woman fell into the pit and drowned.

- The body was recovered 3 days later in Phurse River. Woman's father requested the government for the falls to be named after her and thus named as Davis Falls.

- After buying the entry ticket of NPR 30 you enter into the falls complex. You can see the glimpse of falls right in front; however, if you are willing to take a closer look, you can climb down few steps.

- If you are willing to buy the famous Nepalese knife Kukri; this is the place you can get one at a proper price.

5. International Mountain Museum

International Mountain Museum, Pokhara
Tent Demo at International Mountain Museum, Pokhara
Demo of the Mountain Climbing at International Mountain Museum, Pokhara
Movie Theater at International Mountain Museum, Pokhara
International Mountain Museum, Pokhara
International Mountain Museum, Pokhara
International Mountain Museum, Pokhara

- Because of the gift of the mountain ranges; the city is well known as Trekker's Paradise. And when we talk about mountain tops there are some people who wish to conquer these mountains.

- International Mountain Museum is about all the peaks found in Nepal, their condition, way to reach and also a section which gives all the information about those who have conquered several peaks in their life.

- Entry ticket costs you 300 NPR. Once you enter, you will see a huge place including all the photos and miniatures of the mountains and an inbuilt monastery as well. The museum provides you the service of the library if you are keen on reading some books related to mountains.

- Museum also runs a short documentary about the highest peak in the world Mt. Everest.

- Outside the museum, you will also get to the miniature form of Mt. Mansalu which you can actually climb here. And get the feel of the difficulty level on a super minor scale.

6. Paragliding and Other Adventure Activities

Paragliding in Pokhara

- Pokhara is heaven for all of those who are willing to try some adventure activities. And even if you want to look at the mighty Annapurna Ranges from a bird's eye view. This is yet another place.

- The city offers adventure sports like Bungy Jumping, Paragliding, Zip Flying, Canyoning, River Rafting.

- There are other leisure rides like Gyrocopter Ride, Helicopter ride which allows you to sit back and enjoy the views of the snow cap mountains.

- The activity that I dreamed of doing was Paragliding In Pokhara and yes I DID IT!!!

7. Spa and Massage

Spa and Massage in Pokhara

- You surely are going to be a bit tired after all those sightseeing. And so is the time to relax and be pampered.

- You will find plenty shops offering spa or massage services or even beauty care services around the city; and that too for a minimal price.


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